You want your community to run smoothly. After all, it’s the key to keeping members happy. The problem is that there is often a lot an HOA board has to manage, especially when it comes to community requests.

Requests can come out of the blue and can be hard to keep track of, let alone systemize.

But it is not just your HOA community that you want to help by providing the best way to submit their requests. It’s also about supporting fellow board members with a method that makes requests easy to manage and quick to address.

The key, then, is integrating both sides into a system that syncs and synthesizes all information into one automated workflow that inspires action.

There are many ways that an automated request system can benefit you and your HOA board members. And we’re here to explain how and why.

The Answer? Online Through a Dedicated HOA Website Portal

Emails, calls, texts, and paperwork — these are ways that homeowners can submit service requests. This kind of system can be slow, unorganized, and hard to track.

The solution is to integrate the entire process online — a system that board members and community members can access around the clock, from any device, to submit and track requests.

Your online system should also be secure, reliable, and user-friendly.

With HOA software, a dedicated owner website portal can make requests effortless for all parties. And that’s not just property owners and board members, but third-party vendors, who can log into the system to provide information and project status reports.

Below, we run through five ways an online HOA website portal can empower board members and your community, reduce workload, and increase HOA success.

Automated Workflows 

A dedicated online website portal will automate the entire process, from submitting requests and systemizing the data, to tracking requests and checking them off when done.

At the same time, online requests can be modified and reviewed in real-time where they are presented clearly in one place so that all HOA members can access and view at any time.

As this service is cloud-based, this includes the shared ability to submit requests and track service requests from any device, simplifying and speeding up the process at both ends.

Simplified Communication

 With an HOA website portal, communication is made easy. And in addition to managing service requests, users can post questions, create discussions, and stay up to date with meetings and notices.

 Managing payments is another advantage here, as an online portal will give users access to outstanding balances, fee reminders, and personal information — all self-served and online, without the need to make a call or fill out paperwork.

Clear communication is at the heart of a successful HOA, so it makes sense to have a single platform where board members and homeowners can engage without always needing to be face to face.

HOA Transparency

 Submitting service requests can often come with confusion for members of an HOA regarding whether their request meets the applicable CC&Rs, HOA bylaws, and general rules and regulations. But with an online HOA portal, this confusion can be eliminated.

 Unlimited cloud-based file storage for an HOA user portal gives you the power to store all necessary documentation in a secure location that can be accessed at any time. This means that community members can double-check violation guidelines, HOA benefits, and more in just a few clicks or taps.

 This not only generates understanding between board members and homeowners but also unity and transparency — two things that determine the happiness and success of any HOA.

Drive Engagement

 Having a personalized website for your HOA can drive engagement and create a sense of community. When it comes to community requests, this promotes creativity, collaboration, and integration.

 Linked to your owner access portal, an HOA website is somewhere all users can learn more about their HOA, come together on community improvements and developments, and feel that they belong. 

 This is particularly important for new HOA members and can even help to grow your community through simple appeal. 

Empower Your Board Members

 Last but not least, an online system for submitting requests is going to empower you and your fellow board members.

 And the reason why is because it will boost your productivity and subsequently, allow you to focus on what you care about most: providing your community with the service support that it needs.

 A fully automated, streamlined system does this by doing most of the legwork for you. It effectively saves time and energy, giving you greater control over your workflow and the efficiency of your HOA community.

 And if this is the kind of empowerment and support your HOA board members need, have you thought about trying TOPS Software?

TOPS ONE — One System That Gives You Complete Power

 TOPS [ONE] handles community requests, accounting, reports, and communication in a single property management software tool that gives you complete power over your productivity.

 Ultimately, we believe board members and communities deserve the ultimate support. That’s why TOPS [ONE] delivers on all fronts by making sure that every aspect of HOA management is integrated into a user-friendly system that is secure, straightforward, and reliable.

 Unsure? See what TOPS [ONE] can do for you with a free phone consultation and demo.

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  • Helps to prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks
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