What Resolutions Communities Should Make in 2021

Be a Better Property Manager This Year

As we leave 2020 in the past and focus on the new year, property managers should make some resolutions to help improve business and culture in their community.

There’s always room for improvement and there are many ways for property managers to start the new year off on the right foot. Whether you’re looking to improve relationships with residents, make life easier for your board, or see more profit, these are the resolutions you should make. Here are our community resolutions for 2021 and how TOPS will assist you with these decisions.

Create a Flexible Work Schedule

We saw the need for a flexible work schedule firsthand in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and all businesses, not just property managers, had to adjust. The biggest change in day-to-day operations was the immediate need for remote work. What was once a rare offering is now common in workplaces and remote work in a property management company or HOA board should be no different. With TOPS, you are able to do your job anywhere and at any time. Property management is already a 24/7 job and the ability to complete tasks digitally and from multiple devices goes a long way in saving community managers time. With TOPS, you have access to a cloud-based software, meaning you can manage multiple communities from multiple devices. This makes life easier on you and your board and gives you time back in the day. Start saving time in 2021 with [ONE].

Cut Needless Spending

This year, TOPS not only can save you time, but money as well.

TOPS [ONE] is an all-in-one solution, meaning that all the features you’d need are in one system. No need to purchase multiple solutions. With TOPS, all your needs are in one place. TOPS [ONE] comes with advanced accounting, reporting, communication, websites, and more. We also help you handle documentation digitally, so you don’t need to spend extra money on paper and office supplies. Our new VendorAlly feature allows you to pay vendors online, so you no longer need to spend money on postage or packaging. TOPS is here to help cut out unnecessary spending and expenses this year.

Improve Resident Relationships

One last resolution community managers may want to make in 2021 is to improve relationships with residents.

This can be a challenging task, but TOPS offers some solutions. First, our community website feature allows property managers to build and manage their community site. You can use your site to make announcements, highlight the community, and get residents excited about where they live. TOPS also offers owner portals so residents are easily connected to their HOA board. This helps improve communication so if the resident is facing issues, your board can quickly get in touch and resolve them. This leads a positive impact on resident relations. See how TOPS can help bring your community together.

Start the New Year Off Right

2021 is an opportunity for community managers to improve on the previous year.

Whether last year was a struggle or a success, now is your chance to move forward. TOPS is here to help with all your needs. We pride ourselves on helping communities save time and money. Make 2021 your best year yet with TOPS.

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