What’s the Process to Implement New HOA Software for Your Business?

Software Implementation Requires Attention

With today’s evolving digital age and the increased reliance on technology, implementing new software is going to be a necessity at some point in time for your business.

Community management software provides a huge benefit to your community and your day-to-day tasks. It makes your job easier, saves time on work, and helps automates the flow of information. However, choosing the correct software is only half the battle. You must also have a plan to implement the software. Without one, the implementation process can be a challenge. Here are some ways to implement new HOA software with ease.

Determining Need and Defining Scope

Step one when implementing new software is determining if there is a need.

TOPS [ONE] offers solutions to all challenges community managers face. Whether it’s accounting, collections, resident portals, work order requests, or community announcements, TOPS can make any of these tasks easier. Your community may decide you need help with these or other tasks to help your community run smoother. In this case, you must also determine the scope of the software you need. How many members need access? How many passwords will you need? This is the pre-planning that should be done before the actual implementation takes place. This helps lead to better implementation and prevents issues during set-up.

Putting Together Your Team

There’s a saying in business; “get the right people on the bus, and then get them in the right seat”.

This holds true when setting up new HOA software as well. By now you should have determined how many people will need access to the new system. So now, you have to determine who on your team will be the lead or expert on the system. Whoever is put in charge should understand the ins and outs of the system and be able to assist other members of the team with questions. This person should also be the main contact for the software company. This helps streamline communication easier when questions or issues arise. Having the right people managing your new system helps save time during implementation.

Practice and Ask Questions

Once the software is implemented the best thing your team can do is practice with it.

This can even be done before it goes live to your entire community. Start with a few practice residents and get your team used to the new system and see if there are any issues to work out. This will help save time when you expand to your entire community. The other practice your team should get in the habit of is working with your software provider on training. This can include when you first implement the software and scheduling quarterly or annual updated training for your team. This keeps your team up to date on the software and gives them time to learn any new features.

Time to Implement

property management software
These steps are the best practice your community can take to implement software with minor issues.

TOPS easily implements with current systems to help ease the transition and minimize issues. Consider implementing TOPS to help your community, build the best team possible to manage, and make your community the best it can be.

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