If your homeowner’s association uses a clunky mix of tech tools, it’s time to consider upgrading.

Modernizing your HOA software can help reduce expenses while increasing efficiency for communities and property managers alike. It’s time to make a change that transforms your association or property management company.

Not quite convinced? Below, we’ll look at eight reasons why your HOA software needs an upgrade.

8 Reasons Your HOA Software Needs an Upgrade

Think about when you upgraded from a cell phone that only handled phone calls, to a smartphone.

Suddenly, you could take phone calls, open and send emails, record audio, take notes, access social media, and many other added features you probably couldn’t live without today. New software makes life easier. Instead of checking your email on your computer or carrying around a notepad or recorder, your smartphone can do it all.

Owners, board members, and your team will all appreciate an upgrade to your HOA software. Go from using various spreadsheets, text documents, accounting software, and a payment processor to TOPS [ONE] .

TOPS [ONE] is the modern choice for HOA software that can handle it all. Here are eight reasons it’s time for an upgrade.

1) Your Association or Property Management Company Needs a Competitive Edge

A modern, public-facing website, like TOPS Advanced Portals is the perfect way to make your association or company stand out from competitors.

The interface is easy for both owners and board members, which means you can provide better customer service while meeting mounting demands in a user-friendly manner.

2) Your Team Doesn’t Have Enough Time to Finish Everything

Imagine what your team could do with all the time they’d save from not having to create reports manually.

TOPS automates reporting to reduce hours of work. After customizing a report with necessary data points, you can schedule it to run and send to specific people repeatedly.

The self-service options in the Advanced Portal mentioned above also gives your team time back in their day to focus on other, more meaningful tasks. Homeowners and board members will call less since they’ll have access to the information they need at the time they need it.

3) Your Team Needs to Work Remotely at Full-Capacity

In today’s new normal, remote work is a necessity. Modern software, like TOPS [ONE] , is cloud-based and accessible from any internet-connected device.

Whether your team is out in the field, working from home, or in the office, they’ll have access to everything needed to complete their job. There are even options to print at other locations, which could prove helpful when the team is working together from afar.

4) All of Your Data Is Stored in Different Programs or Files

When your team has the power of a centralized system like TOPS [ONE] at their fingertips, it’s easier to find everything you need and work on projects more efficiently.

Everything will be in one place, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between programs to view details or input information. Billing, violations, and communication records are all stored together with TOPS [ONE].

5) Your Billing Processes are Disconnected and Require Duplicate Steps

Our online billing system offers better billing processes and makes it easier to manage payments.

It’s simple to review balances at any time, submit vendor online payments, and send delinquency notices when owners are late.

Property owners can pay their monthly dues and fees without delay. These factors can help lessen any delays in payment processing and improve your general accounting and bookkeeping processes.

6) Your Community or Property Management Company is Growing

Innovative software, like TOPS [ONE] will set your organization up to grow with ease.

With unfathomable space on the Cloud, you can keep adding properties and subsequent data without any worries of being constrained by capacity limits. This cloud-based software leverages this scalability intelligence for an effortless growth experience!

7) You’re Unsure of the Effectiveness of Your Communications

Getting your messages delivered and read is essential feedback that helps you ensure everyone is on the same page.

Enhanced Communications make sending mass emails easy with tracking of delivery, open, and bounce rates.

There’s also the option to send text messages on-demand and broadcast voice messages to owners. If it’s a message you need to get to them quickly, these two communication routes are the way to go. You’ll also have a paper trail of communications integrated into your account in case you ever need it.

8) You Want to Increase Your Bottom Line

Time equals money, and the time and cost-savings you’ll reap from the above seven points is sure to improve your bottom line.

Your team will have fewer manual tasks and paperwork to handle, making it harder to make mistakes.

Upgrading to new software is a wise investment.

TOPS [ONE] HOA Software Will Transform Your Association or Property Management Company

Modernize your HOA software today to take advantage of all the benefits.

Watch a demo to see how easy it is for you and your board members to get started with the intuitive and user-friendly interface. It saves time by automating tasks and offers remote work capabilities to access information from any internet-connected device.

TOPS [ONE] has everything you’ll need to manage your association or multiple communities—from payment histories to violation tracking.

Upgrade to TOPS [ONE] today. Its innovative, well-designed interface will make your job a lot easier and is sure to meet your owners’ digital expectations.

Contact a Sales Representative to start modernizing your organization with TOPS [ONE] .

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