Year in Review: TOPS Improvements in 2020

2020 In Review:

It is hard to talk about 2020 without sounding cliché.

It was crazy, tough, and we saw our world change. No industry went unimpacted, including the property management industry. New challenges arose that many community managers had not faced before. At TOPS we faced many new challenges as well and found ourselves adjusting to the “new normal.” Throughout the challenges 2020 brought, TOPS strived to provide clients with the best products possible to help combat new challenges. For example, TOPS allowed users to work and manage from any location. Which became a necessity with the increase reliance on remote working. TOPS also rolled out many new features that had been in development to help community managers take their game to the next level.

Improving Your Community Websites:

Early in the year TOPS made an acquisition to help boost our resident communications function.

TOPS acquired ComWeb, which allowed us to add a new community website feature. This meant communities could now impress residents with a new and improved website. This also makes it easier for users to submit forms, make announcements, upload community photos, and more. This community website feature has helped property managers communicate with residents and create a better sense of community.

Introducing VendorAlly:

Perhaps the biggest new feature we rolled out in 2020 was our new VendorAlly feature.

VendorAlly was created to save time for property managers and their clients by replacing the need for phone tag, email conversations, and snail mail to do business. VendorAlly allowed for easy payment between an HOA or PMC and their vendors. Whether they are maintenance companies, lawn care, or construction projects. VendorAlly was designed to make the creation, tracking, and payment of projects and services from third-party vendors a breeze. And it was included in TOPS [ONE] at no extra charge. VendorAlly saved TOPS users time and money in 2020 and became one of our most popular features.

Streamlining Your Documentation Process:

This year TOPS [ONE] tackled assisting property managers with their documentation.

Since property managers deal with a ton of paperwork daily, TOPS found a way to digitally make the task more manageable for HOA boards and PMCs. Our new integration with HomeWiseDocs makes creation and sharing of documents easier. With HomeWiseDocs integration, property managers and HOA board members requiring essential real estate data and documentation can access this information whenever they need it. And like other TOPS [ONE] products, your documents live on the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing information or have trouble accessing it. HomeWiseDocs is here to simplify your documentation process.

Here’s To 2021

2020 provided a number of changes and challenges for all businesses to overcome.

At TOPS we improved and adapted our software solution to benefit our users during these changes. TOPS [ONE] right now the best it has ever been, and we’re still working on improvements and new features to roll out to users throughout the year. Like everyone else, we’re ready to leave 2020 in the dust and help our clients be the best property managers they can be. No matter what you face this year, TOPS is here to help.

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